Bed Bath and Beyond Hours – Store Opening and Closing hours

Bed Bath and Beyond is an American retail chain specializing in bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen goods. It has approximately 1540 stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company stocks high-quality goods in two categories: kitchen, bathroom and bed linens which are placed under domestic category and cookware, picture frames, and more classified as home furniture.

The company was founded by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein in the year 1971 at Springfield, New Jersey by the name Bed ‘n Bath. By 1985, Eisenberg and Feinstein were operating 17 stores in the New York metropolitan area and California. Also in 1985, the first superstore was opened, as an attempt to remain competitive with Linens ‘n Things, Pacific Linen, and Luxury Linens.

The company has grown to the height of making its IPO on the NASDAQ and by 1999 Bed Bath & Beyond reached $1 Billion in sales. Today, we will discuss about Bed Bath & Beyond hours of operation including Bed Bath & Beyond opening hours, closing, holidays, and much more.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond Hours:

Their week is fairly standard and continuous, with the exception of Sunday. They usually open at around 9.00 am in the morning and close at 9.30 pm on weekdays and on Sundays, their working hours are between 11.00 am to 7.00 pm.  

Bed Bath and Beyond HoursOpening HoursClosing hours
Monday9.00 AM9.30 PM
Tuesday9.00 AM9.30 PM
Wednesday9.00 AM9.30 PM
Thursday9.00 AM9.30 PM
Friday9.00 AM9.30 PM
Saturday9.00 AM9.30 PM
Sunday11.00 AM 7.00 PM

There are several major holidays observed by the company. The stores are closed for business on the holidays. You will notice the company adjusts hours of operation prior to and possibly after the event. The major holidays include:

  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day

Bed Bath and Beyond is open for most of the public holidays and is closed for business on a few public holidays. Get to know everything about the typical holidays from their website for which the shop closes and Opens so that you don’t have to waste your fuel and time.

Bed Bath and Beyond does a significant amount of business during the holiday season so they tend to stay open throughout the year on major holidays. They are not open every day, though, and do have special hours for specific days of the year.

For More information please visit the website and order online.

Use this link to locate your nearest branch store. It is pretty much easy to find out the branch. Enter your Zip code and you get a cluster of nearest branches, their locations, directions, operating hours, and much more.

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What time does Bed Bath and Beyond open & close

Majority of Bed Bath and Beyond stores open at 9 am and close at 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. The opening and closing time for Sunday is usually from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What is Bed Bath and Beyond Senior Hours?

Senior hours are usually from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on every Tuesday and Wednesday. This time is reserved for seniors (age 60+), first responders in the medical field, high-risk consumers, and expectant mothers.

Do Bed Bath and Beyond operate on New Year’s Day?

Yes, Bed Bath and Beyond stores serve their customers on New Year’s day with regulations in the timing of 10 am to 6 pm.

What are Bed Bath and Beyond Black Friday hours?

Bed Bath and Beyond stores open on Black friday to serve their customers between 6 am and work until 9 pm.

How To find bed bath and beyond stores Near Me?

Just head over to   and provide your zip code. You will be shown the nearest bed bath and beyond stores location with the directions.

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