Sonogram Vs Ultrasound – Comparison and their functions


A Sonogram image is a picture has created by an ultrasound. All in all, it’s not simply the technique but rather the item. For instance, many guardians can review the completely exhilarating second they saw their child on the ultrasound screen and were then given the printed ultrasound image to bring back home. In this occurrence, the ultrasound image is the dark, white and dim picture that shows the baby in the uterus. Here we can see Sonogram Vs Ultrasound.

You may likewise hear “sonography” utilized regarding the ultrasound test. Sonography alludes to the act of utilizing an ultrasound machine to make an ultrasound image, and the sonographer is the gifted technologist who works the gear.

Sonograms and Ultrasound terms has used interchangeably. But both have a difference.

  • The ultrasound procedure has used to take a picture of the inside body organ.
  • A sonogram is a Picture that has generated by the Ultrasound.
  • In short, Ultrasound is a procedure or process and a Sonogram is an end result of the Process.

How Does a Sonogram Work?

A sonogram has produced by sound waves. During an ultrasound, the technologist will send sound waves to the part of the body under examination using a wand-shaped device called a transducer. 

The sound waves will bounce back once they contact the tissues being studied, travel through the transducer and enter the ultrasound computer. 

The computer will process the sound waves and turn them into an image, which the patient and technologist can view on the monitor.

Sonogram Vs Ultrasound
Sonogram Vs Ultrasound

Sonogram Used For?

Sonograms help doctors evaluate organs for infections, damage or disease. Pregnant women may get ultrasounds to generate sonograms of the fetus. This process allows a doctor to check a baby’s development and health.


A clinical ultrasound is a sort of imaging test. Not at all like numerous other imaging tests, ultrasounds don’t utilize radiation to deliver pictures of the inside body. All things considered, ultrasounds utilize high-recurrence sound waves to make pictures. 

An ultrasound is a protected, effortless, harmless system that has utilized in medication since the 1950s.

An ultrasound machine incorporates a PC, screen, printer and handheld transducer that sends and gets sound waves.

Ultrasound Used For?

An ultrasound has many purposes in the clinical world. Specialists might arrange an ultrasound to check for enlarged, harmed or contaminated organs assuming a patient is encountering torment or different side effects. A ultrasound is a protected, fast way for specialists to actually take a look at the state of numerous organs in the body

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Bladder
  • Spleen
  • Gallbladder
  • Uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Thyroid
  • Pancreas
  • Kidneys

What’s the Difference Between a Sonogram and an Ultrasound?

The simplest method for recalling the contrast between an ultrasound image and an ultrasound is to remember that the ultrasound is the strategy, and the ultrasound image is the outcome. One couldn’t exist without the other.

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Are Sonogram Scans Safe?

Also, this has viewed as protected. For a really long time, ultrasound is utilized to screen the pregnancy. A prepared sonographer will adhere to all legitimate guidelines to ensure you and your child are protected.

When Ultrasound is done during pregnancy?

A pregnant lady gets two Ultrasound Scans. The first is to affirm the due date and the subsequent one is 18 to 22 weeks to affirm the ordinary life systems.

Ultrasound is Used for?

Also, These days Ultrasound has utilized to screen the pregnancy. Also, used to analyze malignant growth like bosom disease and More.

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