Pep Boys Hours – Auto Services And Spares Operating Hours

Pep Boys is an auto service center and retail outlet. The company specializes in tires, parts, car care and maintenance, accessories, as well as performance parts, tools and recreational products. If you need assistance with products or services.

Pep Boy company is a branded American automotive aftermarket retail and services chain. Originally this company was started by Moe, Manny, and Jack. Almost 100 years ago on August 1, 1921, this company started its journey.

The original name of this company is Pep Auto Supply Company. They offer services to their customers including name brand tires, commercial auto parts delivery, fleet maintenance, Oil Changing, fuel, brake, filter maintenance.

The store’s unique name was Pep Auto Supply however, like the business, it would rapidly advance. The cop down the road was pulling over drivers for driving without a front light—headlamp, at that point. “Go see the young men at Pep,” he’d say, and the Pep Boys name was conceived.

It wasn’t until an excursion to California years after the fact that Manny would detect a sign for Minnie, Maude and Mabel’s—an interesting store whose name would motivate the “Manny, Moe and Jack” moniker.

Jackson would ultimately be prevailed by Moe Strauss’ sibling Izzy, who joyfully called himself Jack. By 1929, the two Jacks (and Moe Radavitz) were gone, yet, taking everything into account, the notorious triplet was at that point settled forever.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys Hours:

Pep Boys offer services to more than 930 locations in the United States. One cool thing about most of the locations is they follow the same hours. Every day morning at 8 a.m. open their door and 7 pm  close their door.

On Saturday they open their store one hour early, which means 7 am and Close 7 pm. On Saturday they open almost all stores for 8 hours.

Pep BoysOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday08:00 AM12:00 AM
Tuesday08:00 AM12:00 PM
Wednesday08:00 AM12:00 PM
Thursday08:00 AM12:00 PM
Friday08:00 AM1:00 AM
Saturday07:00 AM07:00 PM
Sunday09:00 AM05:00 PM

The hours of operation throughout the holiday varies by location. At times, Pep Boys will adjust the hours of operation prior to and after the holiday. There are several holidays that the restaurant closes for the day. The holidays include:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter Day

In the United states, Pep Boys offer their services to more than 930 locations and operate more than 8,300 service bays.

For appointments, you can use their appointment tracker. First, you open the appointment page and enter your appointment Id, First Name, and Last Name and click on the Track Appointment

Use this link to locate your nearest branch store. It is pretty much easy to find out the branch. Enter your Zip code and you get a cluster of nearest branches, their locations, directions, operating hours and much more.

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What are Pep Boys’ operating hours?

Pep Boys operate more than 1000 stores. Most of the Pep Boys stores open morning at 8.00 AM and close at 12.00 PM on regular weekdays.

What are the Pep Boys Saturday hours?

On Saturday, most of the Pep Boys stores open morning at 7.00 AM and close evening at 7.00 PM.

Is Pep Boys store open on Sundays?

Yes, all Pep Boys stores open on Sundays but there is some timing difference as it works between 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

How to find Pep Boys store near me?

To find near Pep Boys stores you can use the official store locator, where you need to enter your city name, zip code and you’ll get a list of stores near your location.

Do  Pep Boys operate on New Year’s Day?

Yes,   Pep Boys serves its customers on New Year’s Eve with regulations in the timing.

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