The Best Free VPN for Gamers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore pro, VPNs are a must. VPN enhances your gaming experience, by shielding your personal information from hackers and snoops. Many free VPNs limit their user base, or impose severe limitations on features and speed. This makes them less than ideal VPNs for gamers. We recommend choosing a free VPN that is secure, and has no limitations.

A reliable free VPN will also have an intuitive user interface that is compatible with various devices, and offer helpful customer service. A reliable free VPN should also secure traffic and protect users from data retention policies. A recent study conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation found that 18 percent of Android VPN apps didn’t encrypt data. Choose a VPN that has a strong security protocols like OpenVPN or SSTP and avoids aggressive advertising.

For instance, TunnelBear is a solid choice since it’s completely free and does not limit bandwidth or speed. It comes with a bear-themed interface and a map-style interface, which makes it easy to choose the best server location. While it’s based in Canada, which isn’t known for its privacy laws, it is subject to annual security audits and adheres to strict no-logs policies. Another option to consider is Hotspot Shield, which doesn’t require registration and has a solid kill switch and 256-bit AES encryption. It’s only available in a limited number of server locations and it doesn’t permit you to unblock content.


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