Costco gas hours – Gas Station opening and closing hours

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores.  As of 2020, Costco was the fifth largest retailer in the world and ranked 10th position on the Fortune 500 ranking of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. Costco is well admired for its endless assortment of products—from food, groceries to electronics, medicines, they have it all. But little did you know that this wholesale store also offers access to high-quality gasoline at a much lesser price.

Costco’s worldwide headquarters are in Issaquah, Washington, an eastern suburb, and Kirkland. The company was first started in 1983 and now it has around 804 warehouses worldwide. Of which 558 Costco stores are located in the United States, 103 in Canada, 39 in Mexico. 

As such, you may be wondering what the Costco Gas hours are if Costco Gas closes, and what the best times are to purchase it. Here is what I have managed to find out!


Costco gas hours:

The Costco Gas stations are always open for longer than the warehouses themselves, even on the weekend. They have many gas stations all around the United states. So there may be slight variations, but most of the Gas stations follow the below-mentioned timings.

Costco gas hoursOpening hoursClosing hours
Monday6.00 AM9.00 PM
Tuesday6.00 AM9.00 PM
Wednesday6.00 AM9.00 PM
Thursday6.00 AM9.00 PM
Friday6.00 AM9.00 PM
Saturday7.00 AM8.00 PM
Sunday7.00 AM7.00 PM

Costco gas operates on a standard holiday calendar and doesn’t work on such holiday sessions. This also applies to the General Costco stores too. 

Here is a list of the holidays on which Costco Gas stations remain closed around the United States!

  • Labour Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’S Day

Costco Warehouse Hours:

In general, most locations operate during these hours.

Monday – Friday:  10:00 AM8:30 PM

Saturday:  9:30 AM6:00 PM

Sunday:  10:00 AM6:00 PM

People can call Costco Customer care with the number 1 (800) 774-2678

For More information please visit the website and order online.

Use this link to locate your nearest branch store. It is pretty much easy to find out the branch. Enter your Zip code and you get a cluster of nearest branches, their locations, directions, operating hours, and much more.

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Does Costco Gas Open On Public Holidays?

Costco Gas operates by a standard holiday schedule, so Gas cannot be purchased around such holidays as Christmas, Independence Day, or New Years Day, to name a few.

What are the hours for gas at Costco in Colchester Vermont?

Customers can go on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., but the evening commute from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. is off-limits.

Can you get fuel at Costco after hours?

Costco Gas opens between 6 am and closes at 9 pm, Monday to Friday. Customers can fill up at Costco Gas even if a Costco Warehouse is closed as they have different operating hours.

What Is The Best Time To Get Gas At Costco?

the best time to travel to Costco Gas stations is during off-peak hours (10am – 1pm and 7pm – 10pm), especially those times when the main Costco store is closed, but the Gas station is still operating.

Is Costco Gas Open on Saturday & Sunday?

Yes, most Costco Gas stations open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday hours are a little bit different. On Sunday, they open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Costco Gas weekend hours also vary from one station to another. 

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